Dance before the music is before the dance ends!

Rock on at The Bomaderry Community Hall, 19 Birriley St. Bomaderry.

Join us now....and dance like nobody's watching!

For more info, call Karen on 44461186 Nowra or e-mail



Partner dancing in a variety of rhythms...Ballroom, Latin American, Rock n Roll, Sequence routines and all sorts of fun on the dance floor for adults. Couples with some dance experience will fit in easily.

For the last 6 years, we've been focussing mainly on Rock n Roll and associated dances with great success.

 Now it's time to take a different direction in 2017 with the introduction of more Latin American dances such as Mambo, Cha-Cha and other partner dances from the Ballroom style. So talk to your partner and encourage them to come along and join in the fun....but don't wait too long.

Not just another social group!

All sessions will be under the guidance of a qualified and very experienced dance teacher.

Regular sessions Wednesdays 7.15pm-9pm....$10

( Come in the back door)

Sorry,we don't have a beginner class but will do our best to help you.

Experienced dancers will enjoy learning new routines and revising old favourites to a variety of rhythms.

Sessions have already started so come along as soon as you can so you don't fall behind.

 Swing your partner on the biggest and best dance floor in town and expand your dance repertoire.

 Enjoy a drink after dancing on the first Wednesday of each month at the nearby Bomaderry Bowling Club. A popular way to chat and socialize with fellow dancers off the dance floor.         

   SOCIAL DANCES* Practice what you've learnt in a party atmosphere at organised dance events to be promoted to group members.


                           Dance Blog 2017.

The introduction of "Dance Of The Month' in 2016 was met with much enthusiasm, so this year we will continue with more new dances. So far we have continued the tradition in 2017 with Mambo, a Square Tango,a Progressive Waltz routine and Rock Barn Dance apart from our favourite numbers.

We must be doing something right as our numbers are slowly but surely swelling!!

On the first Wednesday of each month we adjourn to the nearby club for a drink and a chat after dancing. This little 'ritual' is very popular with all of our group members as a way to socialize off the dance floor.

For dance sessions, you will need:

A partner is preferable.

A sense of humour and some patience.

A bottle of water.

A small hand towel.

Sensible closed footwear.

Thongs, sandals and joggers are not suitable for dancing.

Please use rear glass door entrance to hall.